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Palwasha Travels (Pvt) Ltd is registered with Government of Pakistan Ministry of Hajj under Enrollment No, 1216.

This office is regained is private Hajj Organizer (HGO) in Pakistan (KPK) Peshawar, is authorized Booking of Hujjaj, according to the instruction of MORA, as well as Saudi Taleemat.

This office provides awareness and training to their Hujjaj and provides other facilities, like Hajj visa, Accommodation in Makkah Mokarama and Madina Monnawara. Best transport facility from Makkah to Madina, & Madina to Makkah Mokarama, and also provide Moqadas Ziyarat for Hujjaj. With experience of guide with Hujjaj all the time.

Palwasha Travels (Pvt) Ltd is IATA approved agent in 1991 and from start the business in 1982. Palwasha Travels (Pvt) Ltd, is provided to all the information with their Umrah Pilgrim with directly/ in directly calibration of some other Umrah operator. Al Hamdu LiL LLAH , major of Umrah Pilgrim were like to approach over office because over all service according to their commitment. Umrah pilgrim or any compliant during the Umrah service and this office will solved the problem with E- mail & Telephones.

Palwasha Travels (Pvt) Ltd, is authorized from IATA, the reason to this office is connected with GDS, computer system. And also provide the E- ticketing with their costumer according to the instruction of Airline policy. In present the majority of the airline like, PIA, Emirates, Gulf Air, Qatar Air, Shaheen Air, Air Blue, American Air, Air china, Ethihad air, KLM, and Turkish, the experience staff of this office is provided the group & Hotel facilities according to the customer needs, and also provide the International & Domestic Ticketing, please contact us on e-mail and telephones.

(License No. PWR/ 1732/MPD/96)
Palwasha Overseas Promoters to visa processing according to the Govt policy for those people which were like to go out the country for their work visa, the experience staff will provide all necessary information to all those people which were like to go out the country, we were welcome to all those people which were like to go out the country for the works. This office visa processing fees is less then the other. Further information please contacts us on e-mail & telephone line.

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